accounting program


I-Sales is sales management system for managing small companies and shops which have features in dealing with purchases and sales transactions .


  • Adding and modifying or deleting Stores data.
  • Adding main groups for products and modifying or deleting data.
  • Adding new products and its details and modifying or deleting data
  • Property of adding barcode for each product and printing them .
  • Printing Reports about items, stock and items below limited demand


  • Adding Sales invoices (Cash ,Debt)
  • Adding Purchase invoices (Cash ,Defer).
  • Property of returning products from sales invoices.
  • Property of returning products from purchase invoices.
  • Printing Reports about sales invoices, products sales, purchases invoices, products purchases, total purchases and sales, certain invoices and profits and loses report


  • Adding, modifying and deleting Customer Groups data.
  • Property of adding customers , determining code for each customer, modifying and deleting data.
  • Adding customers payments.
  • Possibility of customers installment systems and paying it.
  • Printing Reports about customers, customer’ accounts, customers installment systems, stagnant customers, more movement customers and customers movement.


  • Property of adding vendors , determining code for each vendor, modifying and deleting data.
  • Adding vendors payments.
  • Printing Reports about vendors, vendors’ accounts, stagnant vendors, more movement vendors and vendors movement.

Cars and Chaser

  • Adding, modifying and deleting cars data.
  • Adding, modifying and deleting cars expenses types data.
  • Adding, modifying and deleting cars expenses data.
  • Adding, modifying and deleting chaser data.
  • Printing Reports about car expenses.


  • Making Journal entries for all operations in company .
  • Property of making accounting tree.
  • Property of making Bonds.
  • Setting of beginning balances for customers and vendors.
  • Making price protection.
  • Printing Reports about journal entries, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet and general ledger.


  • Adding, modifying, deleting banks and branches data.
  • Adding Receivable and payable .
  • Adding, modify, deleting banking accounts.
  • Recording all banking deals.
  • Collecting and refusing Receivable and payable.
  • Printing Reports about receivable and payable and banking accounts.

Human Resources

  • Adding, modifying and deleting administrations ,departments and employees data.
  • Possibility of recording employees attendance & departure.
  • Possibility of recording employees absence & vacations.
  • Determining discount and overtime ratio.
  • Determining overtime for each employee.
  • Determining receiving assets for employees .
  • Determining warnings given for employees.
  • Determining employees Incentives and sanctions.
  • Recording salaries and advances for employees .
  • Printing Reports about employees attendance & departure, employees overtime & vacations and employees’ salaries.