The Features of I-SALES


Banks And Treasury

Providing accounting system And Registration of bank transactions and print reportsDetails

Adding and modifying Customers and Vendors with code And Printing ReportsDetails

Cars and Chaser

Adding and modifying for cars data and printing Reports Details

Stores and Items

Adding and modifying products and adding barcode for products and printing reportsDetails

Sales and Purchases

Adding Sales , purchase invoice and property returning products and Printing Reports.Details

Human Resources

Record all employees data And Printing Reports Details

More Information


I-SALES software is sales management system for managing small companies and shops
I-SALES software contains on Huge database for recording all products information and every needed data should be stored such as stores, customers, vendors,……………….. etc
I-SALES Software is Intelligent System for performing purchases and sales process .
I-SALES Software is Smart Accounting system which can perform all calculations that user needs during purchase and sale transactions quickly and accurately
I-SALES Software contains on reports about everything in company, shop or organization such as reports about profits, current stock, customers debit, vendor credit, purchases and sales invoices, more and more ………………………………
I-SALES Software is a secure and safe data from unauthorized users and keep up database using backup and restore.


Snapshots from I-SALES



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